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Ultrablock and StoneTerra Wall Systems

Maximizing your retaining wall options while keeping the environmental future in mind


Ultrablock and StoneTerra Wall Systems

Westside Concrete Materials is pleased to sell Ultrablock and StoneTerra wall systems.

These wall systems are both green building products that are structurally sound, aesthetically appealing, easy-to-install, and economical solutions to replace boulder, timber tie and cast-in-place retaining walls.

Did You Know?

A concrete producer in the United States has an average of 1 to 2.5% of “returned concrete” to handle. A plant with 100,000 yards of annual volume could end up with over 2,000 yards of “returned concrete.” This concrete is typically disposed of, potentially creating harmful effects for the environment.

The alternative is to recycle this material, creating a useful post-consumer product. U.S. Concrete’s Central Concrete is working to use 100% of their “returned concrete” to produce the Ultrablock LOCK-BLOCK® and StoneTerra Retaining Wall Systems. These “green” building products are available in multiple shapes and sizes using 100% post consumer recycled concrete material.

Ultrablock Wall Units

As a gravity wall system, Ultrablock units provide the weight and stability to resist applied earth pressures. In addition, vertical or near vertical walls are possible if soil-reinforcing geo-grid is added to the backfill. There are a wide variety of uses for Ultrablock units in addition to slope protection including: containment bunkers, bulkheads, seawalls, wingwalls for bridges, barriers, retention ponds, culverts, wine storage facilities, etc. The standard LOCK-BLOCK size is 2.5’ x 2.5’ x 5’ weighing 4320lbs. Ultrablock units are an excellent replacement as an installer is able to place 12 square feet of face at a time.

StoneTerra Wall Units

StoneTerra’s versatility allows you to design shorter gravity walls and MSE walls over 30’ tall. Blocks can be used in small residential applications while they are also perfect for large commercial projects. The full standard size is 2’ x 2’ x 4’ weighing 1750lbs, with tapered sides, the full blocks allow for installation of very tight curves without specialty blocks. The StoneTerra Wall System provides numerous cost advantages in both production and installation. Specialized equipment is not necessary, standard forklifts can be used for production and mini-excavators or bobcats for installation. In the field, installers have the advantage of setting 8 square feet of face with each block. The size and weight of the blocks translates into transportation savings. Getting more blocks on a truck can greatly reduce project costs.

Central Concrete, Westside Concrete Materials, Ultrablock and StoneTerra are creating a winning combination with the environmental future in mind, working together to produce a retaining wall solution for you.